SCIT: Stanford Classics in Theater


SCIT is part of a growing movement towards adapting and performing ancient theater for pedagogical, research, and entertainment purposes. You can read more about SCIT's particular approach to adaptation in our article for Eidolon.

The Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance (CAMP), which hosted a reboot of SCIT's Nerds in January 2016, provides a venue for many different approaches to performing ancient texts in its annual performance at the SCS/AIA Joint Annual Meeting. SCIT is looking forward to CAMP's 2018 production of The Arsonists by Max Frisch, directed by Mike and Laura Lippman.

Too many CAMP scholars have inspired SCIT to name all of them individually, but one who cannot be omitted is Mary Kay Gamel, professor emerita at UC Santa Cruz and a tireless advocate for performance as scholarship. Check out her interview with Classics Confidential to hear her and T.H.M. Gellar-Goad speak on performance in classical pedagogy.